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"It was much later when the RSS decided to expand into the political arena, that they started saying nice things about Gandhi and included him in their list of 'revered' leaders," Private blog network building service domains he added. But there is another, probably more serious, reason for their hatred of Gandhi. Ten days before Godse killed Gandhi, a young Hindu refugee man from Pakistan, Madanlal Pahwa, exploded a bomb on 20 January, 1948, at Delhi's Birla Bhawan where Gandhi was participating in his routine evening prayer. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Gandhi directly challenged the ideologies of India's Hindu rightwing parties Delhi and many parts of north India were in the grip of Hindu-Muslim violence after the partition of India and Pakistan. A day after Pahwa exploded the bomb, Gandhi described him as a "mere tool" in the hands of Hindu fanatics. He directly challenged the forces of Hindu hardliners saying, "Don't do this. The Hindu religion is not going to be saved by such acts. I insist that if the Hindu religion is to be saved, it can be saved only through the kind of work I am doing." No wonder that Praveen Togadia, an important leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), an affiliated organisation of the RSS, declared during the height of anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat in 2002 that "terrorism came because Gandhi's ideology is being followed in this country". Mr Togadia, like Mr Modi and Mr Vij, also learnt his politics in the shakhas - the morning military-style drills - of the RSS. The only difference is that mainstream BJP leaders, especially those holding constitutional posts, avoid openly criticising Gandhi because of a variety of reasons: the compulsions of electoral politics, Gandhi's international stature and his place in the hearts of the Indian people as the "father of the nation".

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